The Know-It-All who doesn’t really know em’ all


One facebook pet peeve I have is the Know -It-Alls.

If you ticked one of these descriptions below, then you’re prob one and you best know it that I, myself along with hundreds and thousands of your other facebook friends are annoyed at you AF!

A know it all…

  • Breaks in on everything and always has something to say.
  • Fancies themselves as an expert on everything, and I mean every single thing that’s trending on the internet. From politics to the color of underwear you should wear everyday!
  • Claims to know everything about the countries they’ve NEVER lived or the people they’ve NEVER met.
  • Has a strong opinion about child birth even though they are incapable or have never given birth, but they’ll give out strong testimonies of what their cousin’s friend’s distant aunt has to say.
  • Will post one sided articles on their facebook timelines  and write out their feelings on the article and expects you to validate their opinion by agreeing with it.
  • Will attack you with arrogance when you comment something contradicting to their opinion.
  • Will say something like “As I’ve said, over and over again” as if expecting you to visit their facebook wall everyday like bitch ain’t nobody got time for all your BS!
  • Will argue with you to death whenever they feel butt hurt.
  • Resorts to creating ridiculous stories as an excuse to cover up their embarrassment on a losing argument.
  •  Has a definitive superiority complex.
  • Strongly gives their opinion on what’s going on with your life but refuses to acknowledge anything wrong with theirs.

Nobody really gives two shits about what you have to say all the time so do us and yourself a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!



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