Oishii Buffet


Food Selection:  Asian Buffet
Where:  Slidell, La
Rating:  Great

I admit that I was a little hesitant eating here due to a lot of bad reviews in yelp and zomato. Turns out, it’s not really as bad as people made it sound to be. My experience was actually pretty good to be honest.

It’s an asian buffet, so technically speaking, people visit the place to get a good taste of asian food. Their chicken teriyaki was amazing and some of their rice and noodle dishes were pretty decent. I don’t like their dumplings though, which was kind of a let down since that’s one main dish people would look forward to eat first when it comes to asian restaurants.

I would like to commend how awesome their chinese pastries are! I haven’t had a sai-yong in like a long long time and theirs was just delicious, it reminded me of my childhood. To anyone who had no clue what a sai-yong (sugar egg puff)  is, I’d like to describe it as the chinese version of the beignets.

I didn’t bother eating their sea food (crab, shrimp, crawfish, etc.) since I had my heart set out to eating only asian cuisine the day I visited, plus their sea food table didn’t look that appetizing anyway. Their sushi was okay, it’s not that bad  but I wouldn’t say it’s that good either. If you love chicken and pork then you’ll definitely dig the place. There were only one or two beef dishes, no big deal.


Interior wise, the place looks great inside. It’s spotlessly clean and their TV screens situated all around the corner, gives the place a “homey” feel to it. It’s a great restaurant to take the family with if ya’ll craving for some good ol’ asian cuisine.

Should I eat here again? Yes definitely. Would I recommend this place? Yes, I would – only to people who’s not too picky with their food. Plus, this place is NOT expensive at all. With that said, you’ll definitely get what you’ve paid for if not, more!

I would suggest not to mind the reviews on yelp and zomato, because frankly speaking if these ratchet people (giving bad reviews) are too picky with their food, they should’ve went to a more expensive asian restaurant to satisfy their high standard palates. Give it a chance, like I did. Besides, You can’t pay a penny for a single slice of bread and expect it to taste like chocolate cake.  🙂


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