Suicide Squad (Movie review)


Director: David Ayer
Runtime: 2 hours and 16 minutes
Genre: Fantasy / Science Fiction
Rating: Horrible

Before this movie was released, everyone including me was so thrilled to watch it. I’m not really your super geek when it comes to DC comic books. Though, I used to watch a couple of batman episodes featuring these villains before when I was a kid and I thought they were pretty awesome. I also watched the Batman Assault on Arkham (animated) movie and I thought that was entertaining too. I didn’t watched this movie on theaters, (thank god!) for the reason that it garnered a whole lot of terrible reviews the first day it was released. It was only this weekend that I finally got to watch The Suicide Squad live action movie by David Ayer.

David Ayer is one hell of a director to start of. He directed some recently awesome movies like Training Day and Fury (some of my favs). In this movie though all I could say is – What a shame!

Cast (Warning: A lot of Cursing)

Okay, I like how Will Smith is Deadshot, I think he was a really good choice for the character, Margot Robbie is also fun to see as Harley Quinn, I could tell she’s really enjoying the role. Viola Davis is an award winning top notch actress and does not deserve to be associated with any of this crap! These are the only three artists that I’ve enjoyed seeing in the film. The rest are complete utter shit!

Jay Hernandez as the reformed Diablo who’s not interested in doing villainous acts anymore and creates the “LOVE” word using his pyrokinesis is so lame I could vomit blood. The Killer Croc is more like the killer crotch and shouldn’t have been given any lines at all. Wtf is this Katana chic doing and why is she in there? …and don’t get me started with Cara Delevingne’s copacabana dancing!

make yo sistahs proud Cara!

Seriosuly, I really think Cara should just stick to modeling, her acting career is a pure disaster! Papertowns was shit and now Suicide Squad and her role as the hula dancing enchantress  is so ridiculous, it makes the entire movie a big joke! The enchantress is by far the lamest villain in the entire villain history, and Cara just put the character at the bottom of the list.


Oh and where the hell is Jared Leto? Yes, that’s right! The Joker, The fucking Joker! Where is he in the movie? Since the movie was an incredible mess in a whole lot of different levels, they forgot to put more emphasis on one important character that it sort of just slipped away from our attention.

I really don’t get all these hype about Jared Leto making the best take on The Joker as I never saw that in this film. Don’t get me wrong, I AM a Leto fan, I think he’s one of the most talented young actors today in Hollywood as I’ve watched him start from subtle roles to huge supporting roles that deserved to be recognized and It is such a let down to watch him suck in this film.

Jack Nicholson is still and will remain the best Joker (comic based) if you ask me.


The first 20 minutes of the film was okay, it was a little entertaining watching Viola Davis introduce all these B villains and their past stories. Deadshot had a daughter, and we get to see a Batman (Ben Afleck) cameo appearance that only lasted for a little while.

The rest of the film was a tight ball of fresh crap! At one point we see the Enchantress kissing people to do her bidding, the next we see the team fighting evil demonic soldiers who’s possibly under the enchantress’s spell. Now here comes a big ball of light in the middle of the city Woohoo! and Cara Delevigne happily dancing in front of it. Our anti heroes falls in one horizontal line in front of the big ball of lightning and I could swear I was anticipating Will Smith to shout “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” just for kicks & giggles.

I really couldn’t care anymore what went down next as all I see was the enchantress annoyingly wiggling in front of everybody and from there it went to giving us a couple of Harley’s flashbacks with her relationship with The Joker and then it goes back to the enchantress about to kill all of them but Harley was oh so clever to grab her heart at the last second. Thus, ended all the bullshit that was tremendously wasting 2 regretful hours of my time.


This movie was just all over the place, it’s a huge mess of horrible lines, horrible acting and a bunch of clutter fucks!

Do yourself a favor and don’t bother watching this movie, ever! I will not in any way shape or form recommend this movie to anyone at all!


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