Voodoo Festival 2016, New Orleans


It’s Halloween in New Orleans,and as a usual Halloween ritual for music festival goers like myself, I took part in attending the 2016 Voodoo Festival. It’s just quite a treat to spend your Halloween weekend all dressed up in costumes and rocking out with your favorite bands & artists. Here in this post, I will be breaking down what I love and hate about this year’s Voodoo Festival.

The Venue

The venue was held at City Park, New Orleans. They have five stages,  where different styles of music from pop, edm, rap, indie-alternative and rock were played. The location was quite easy to get around with as they provide you a cool little map along with your wristband purchases.


There were several colorful food trucks parked around the festival grounds, for those who like grabbing a quick snack while waiting for their favorite artists to perform on stage. There were also a couple of water refill stations, where you can get free cold water as long as you have your own water bottle to fill up.

For those who purchased the VIP passes, there’s a VIP lounge with a bar, TV, patio,  and bathrooms with sinks, which I think was awesome but then again it got a little crowded at night so it didn’t really made any big difference to be honest.

Despite the fact that there were a lot of public bathrooms situated in each corner of the festival grounds, you can imagine how massive the waiting line is still, but hey it’s a festival anyway with thousands of people attending, so you can’t really complaint! I did like the Halloween ambiance of the venue, and how all the VOODOO signage and cool looking booths were placed on every corner of the place. There were some fun rides too.


The Line Up

I went on a Saturday, so the line up was the best as far as rock bands go, I got to see my favorite band Cage The Elephant, and my god were they amazing! I got to see TOOL too which was pretty awesome. Other bands that I enjoyed seeing were The Claypool Lennon Delirium, All Them Witches, The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen is still hot af!), Nothing But Thieves, Die Antwoord and Melanie Martinez.


Here’s some of the clips I got when Cage the Elephant took the stage

The People

Okay, so I probably have mixed feelings about the crowd in this year’s Voodoo Fest. I love the fact that there were a lot of people who came all the way here in New Orleans to enjoy the festival and of course watch their favorite bands and artists rock the stage live. I’ve met people from California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Missouri, heck! I even met some from Europe (I met a couple from Belgium and some dude from Norway with a cool looking Thor Costume), and they were all stoked to participating the event making the hell out on their Voodoo Experience.

I love how..

  • Everyone was in their Halloween costumes. Some costumes were funny, weird yet very creative and very detailed, it’s so fascinating to look at.
  • Most of the people I’ve met were super into their “festival mode”, it’s like they’re up for anything Voodoo Festival has to offer.
  • Music enthusiast like myself were all rockin’ out once their favorite bands stepped on stage.
  • There were less violence in the crowd (no violent pushing & shoving, elbowing, etc.)
  • Everyone seemed nice and friendly. This is one of the things I like when attending music festivals : You meet new friends along the way! ☺

I hate how…

  • So many hipster kids are there just for the heck of it. They really didn’t wanna see these bands, they’re just there to look cool.
  • Some teenagers were only there to smoke weed. Like, I literally saw some highschool boys with their book bags just standing along with the crowd and trying to clumsily light their blunt and have their geeky conversations about where to hangout next and smoke more weed. WTF, get outa here!
  • Kids making out in the middle of the crowd. I know I’m not getting any younger and I would probably sound like an old hag for this, but can you stop making out and filling up each other in the middle of the crowd while my favorite band is playing on stage. I mean, it’s okay to lap each other a bit when a cool song is playing but doing it for the whole entire concert is just utterly annoying! Get a room will ya!


    I mean, I really don’t mind if people make out in front of me but if it’s all you’re planning to do for the whole event then it’s best to take it to the side, a tree shade of some sort or maybe at home? 

  • The crowd is kinda dead. I’ve been to voodoo festivals in the previous years and this year’s crowd is surprisingly the worst!

Expectations Vs. Reality

My Expectation of the Crowd last Voodoo Fest
Reality 😦

The Voodoo Experience

As far as big city festivals are concerned, VOODOO Fest is hard to beat. One main thing the festival had to offer which you can’t find in any other music fests is the variety of music genres being played all at once. Where else could you find Live EDM music played by your favorite DJs and a rock band crowd surfing just around the corner all in the same place at the same time?

I was also impressed how the festival had been totally convenient this year. Adding to that point was their recent advancement of their festival wristbands, where you can register for Voodoo Cashless (it’s an easy way for you to pay for food, drinks, merch and more with the tap of a wrist).

In a nutshell, I would give this year’s Voodoo Festival (New Orleans) a 5 star rating,  given the fact that I enjoyed the event thoroughly and that I got to meet really awesome people along the way with great taste in music. 😉



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