Smart Style Salon


So this is more like a personal review based on my experience last Sunday. Yes, a sunday! You could tell I really didn’t had any choice at all since they’re the only salon that’s open on a Sunday in Picayune.

I should’ve listen to my husband when he suggested, to maybe wait a day when the rest of the hair salons in town opens, but I was too careless and blinded by the impulsive need to get a hair cut that day that I refused to entertain any sort of cons.

Going to Smart Style Salon is one of the biggest mistake I’ve made in my entire life.

So I got there (around 11AM), and there was only one lady doing all the work. She already had one customer with her  (some guy getting a hair cut).  She noticed me and asked if there’s anything she can help me with. I told her I just needed a cut. She nodded, then continued doing the guy’s haircut. She didn’t offered me a seat or anything, so I was left just standing by the counter for more like 15 minutes or so – which is really fine with me to be honest. I was thinking, maybe she pretty much had a busy start since she’s all alone at the place. 

Finally, when she was done with the guy’s cut, she went back to the counter and told me I could take a seat while she finished taking the guy’s payment. I took a chair inside, made myself comfortable while I waited for her to finish her chit chat with this dude. A couple of minutes later she then called me out and asked what my name and number was and then took me to the same chair  where the previous guy was sitting. The chair was still gunked (by what looks like previous customer’s hair). Again, this is totally fine with me, as I just needed a quick cut and leave.

The lady offered to shampoo my hair, she said it’s included with the service I’m paying for. I said okay as I was thinking she’s going to blow dry it afterwards…big mistake!

Before, she began cutting my hair I showed her a picture of what length I wanted my hair trimmed. I told her I needed my bangs fixed too. I could tell she wasn’t at all interested with anything I said, she didn’t paid any attention on the pictures I showed her off my phone, so I figured she probably  just want to get this over with, so I told her I needed 3-4 inches chopped off. It only took about 5 minutes for her to finish cutting my hair straight and my bangs awkwardly cut too. It looked really horrible and worse my hair was all wet! I looked like a wet chicken! She then told me “That’s it” and that I’m done. I was speechless really! I could’ve done a better job myself at home and I had no experience when it comes to haircuts!

I paid $15.50 off the counter and as a courtesy tipped her 4 bux! I hated that I had to tip her as she has done nothing but provide awful service. I know other salons who’ll do a hundred times better of just $10 worth of  service. I am never going back there again… and If you’re planning to get your hair trimmed or styled, do not – I repeat! don’t ever go there!


I look like Helga from Hey Arnold Literally!

The only pros I got from this horrible experience, was that when I got home, I looked up several DIY videos on how to semi- layer your hair, tried it myself (for the first time) and it worked gorgeously! I’ve also realized that I could actually cut and style my hair easily at home without going to no stupid salon and wasting  20 bux on horrendous service.


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