Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (Book Review)

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***This is my personal book review for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.*** 

Okay, so I’m sure anyone who’s clicked this review, knows about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Just to cut the long introduction, this claims to be the eight book of the Harry Potter Series. I think otherwise. As a matter of fact, I refuse to accept anything that has to do with the Curse Child’s plot as canonical. If you’re expecting a trip down memory lane of the original Harry Potter characters and story line then get ready to be disappointed.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child seriously is a misfit compared to the other Potter books. It just doesn’t belong on the same bookshelves.


Alright now first of all, JK may have approved of this but she didn’t write this. I repeat, JK ROWLING DID NOT WRITE THIS. If you’re a die hard Harry Potter fan like I am, you’d clearly notice that the plot is a little too goofy to come from JK Rowling’s magnificent mind. Yes, she was consulted about the play and yes, she did helped in some ways in the middle of the process of the play’s making. But the story and writing is all Jack Thorne’s doing. I’m sure Thorne, is a great playwright, possibly one of the best I may add. But no one can write a Harry Potter story best other than JK Rowling. The plot came out more like a fan fiction (as many reviews claim) that’s why I won’t ever accept anything about it as canonical as JK didn’t write it at all.

It’s a play for crying out loud, it’s meant to be seen. So with that said, the book, or should I say a play script turned into a book shouldn’t have been published like that and shouldn’t be branded as the eight Harry Potter novel because it clearly IS not.

As someone who grew up with Harry Potter, I felt like I’ve grown old with the (original)  HP characters as well as the HP story line throughout their years in Hogwarts. I would always consider Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows as the last book of the saga, it ended great, and although it was a melancholic end to most fans, it made me feel satisfied. The series is finally completed.

I do admit that reading a new story about Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all other characters we’ve learned to love before got me feeling nostalgic, (after 20 years since the great battle of Hogwarts) it was nice seeing them again, it’s like meeting old friends. But it’s not so much about the world of magic anymore, it’s more about relationships, family conflicts, teen angst problems – nothing more. The adult characters have grown, they’ve changed (a lot)- it’s not the same. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child spoils the immaculate finish JK Rowling gave her seven books.


Here are some of the things I like (WARNING: Spoilers below)

  • Scorpius Malfoy is one lovable character. I like the fact that he’s not your typical Malfoy back in the days (although I’d rather him be an obnoxious little prat like his dad). In fact, Scorpious Malfoy was the only reason I was so keen to finishing the book. As a Malfoy fan for life, I am glad how Scorpius is such an awesome new character and I’d be happy to read a separate book about him and his adventures without having it associated as part of the Harry Potter Series.
  • They didn’t ruin Snape, thank god!
  • Hagrid had a cameo appearance.

Things I didn’t like (WARNING: Spoilers below)

  • The Plot is LAME af: Albus and Scorpius returns back in time using a Time Turner to save Cedric Diggory. Umm okay.
  • They turned Ron into a joke, an old goofball and it’s lame. We know Ron as the klutz, the ice breaker of the trio, but come on! He proved to be more than just your typical bungler. I really think he deserved better.
  • Albus Potter is an angsty teenager who’s bitter that he was sorted to Slytherin, a selfish prick who only cares about himself and what others think of him.
  • I cannot fathom the fact that Voldemort had a child. I mean, why? In the original books, the Dark Lord is asexual, portrayed to have no interest in love / love making. He was determined to be the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Hence, the reason why he created horcruxes so he can be immortal. If the main reason why he decided to have a child – so his little voldie spawn would continue his wrath in the wizarding world then that’s just extremely lazy of a plot twist, not to mention preposterous!
  • ..Oh and when did Bellatrix  gave birth or even became pregnant?
  • Harry turned out to be a bad father, and he reasons out saying he lacked a father figure. Umm hello? Sirius Black, Lupin, Hagrid, Dumbledore? Weren’t these guys fatherly figure enough, Harry?! wtf
  • Some lines of the original characters are so awkward it did’t feel genuine to them.
  • The trolley witch turning into baraka from mortal combat, like seriously?


  • The Time Turner plot is so messed up with a lot of loopholes, it’s ridiculous!
  • Cedric Diggory on an alternate reality, became a death eater over one incident where he got humiliated at the tri wizard tournament. I’m telling you, It’s like all the character development Rowling engulfed to each important characters of the original seven books were all thrown in the dumps on the Cursed Child!
  • Delphi is Mary Sue who ends up upstaging everyone with her superlative powers that came out of nowhere.
  • Craig Bowker Jr. dies, but wait who’s he again? Exactly! No one gave a flying fuck about it. Oh yeah sure, Albus and Scorpius was a little sad  about it for a minute but meh, no worries – happens all the time. WTF

The only characters that stood out of the plot were Draco and Scorpius (you could say I’m bias as I’m a Malfoy fan for life). But I really do think Draco’s lines were the least awkward ones compared to the other old characters’s. It is also by far the most realistic of all – he says it like a true Malfoy which definitely feels natural for fans to read. Scorpius, being a total geek and being a follower not a leader (as his dad says) is actually quite adorable and I absolutely loved his monologue confronting Albus about being a self centered prick. But other than that the rest of the scenes, are bland and a string of wtf moments on every act.

Anyway, before I go off on even more of a tangent, please remember that this is how I personally felt about the Cursed Child. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it or automatically dislike it (we’re all entitled with our own opinions anyway).

Would I recommend reading it? I don’t know. Really. I’m not going to fiddle around recommending or not recommending this one – you’ll either read it or you won’t. Perhaps for fans like me who’s an ultimate potter geek, I would like to stress out to not expect anything utterly stupendous in any way as what we’ve felt reading the previous Harry Potter books. Just think of it as reading an HP fanfiction with a Rowling seal.



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