The Brood (Movie Review)


It’s Halloween, and we’ve been having this Halloween movie marathon at home for the past weekends. Me and my husband are  huge fans of the classics, so most of the movies we’ve recently watched were dated back in the 60’s to 90’s.

One film that recently caught my attention was a film released in the year 1979, directed by David CronenbergThe Brood. I would say, the film was exceptionally original  as far as the plot goes. It’s not your typical horror flick where it’s an endless chase on the lead characters  and the ghoul opponent. The story is more of a psychological exploration of the depths of the mind and its externalization through the body.

Watching this film, gives you the same eerie feeling  of watching Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby (one of my favorite horror movies of all time), which is totally a different plot.  The Actors; Art Hindle, Samantha Eggar and Oliver Reed were very impressive that it’s an added factor why the movie is very effective. The plot is a little slow in the beginning (at least for the most part of the first 20-30 minutes of the film) which I think was good as this helped build up the thrill and mystery of the plot. The series of scenes towards the ending is where everything goes down, oh gosh! you can’t miss it.

David Cronenberg’s, The Brood is definitely one chilling film that would give you nightmares in your sleep.


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